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Madada Mogador offers massages from L’Atelier de Corinne.
Corinne practioner in well-being massage for 25 years, is a passionate professional.
- Balinese massage 50 Euros / 1 hour 15
- Ayurvedic massage 50 Euros/ 1 hour 15
- Energetic Massage 45 Euros/ 1 hour
- Shirogriva massage 50 Euros / 1 hour
- Californian massage 45 Euros / 1 hour
- Hot stones massage 75 Euros / 1 hour 15
- Swedish stretching 45 Euros / 1 hour
The high beauty facials with products of excellence and quality of CARITA brand. The art of care in the French
Mythical face care 65 Euros / 1 hour
Cinetic facial treatment 80 Euros / 1 hour 30
The hands care 24 Euros & the foot care 28 euros.
Magical and unforgettable moments, Essaouira is the ideal destination for coaching and personalized training on the beach.
Simply train, at the edge of the ocean, with a private coach : cardio training, boxing, yoga stretching
20 Euros /hour
Custom made during your stay ?
It is not luxury during the holidays to take care of oneself… The Madada Mogador team, offers to listen to you and accompany you on a program tailored to your desires around well-being.
We can include dynamic walking or Pilates for your care, a healthy and balanced diet according to your pace or to discover the surroundings of Essaouira !
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